Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

I’ve been blogging here since 2021 and have loved every minute of it.

I’m a blogger, content creator and photographer. I started out writing about beauty products that I’d save up from my minimum wage college job to buy. This quickly grew into something I’m so proud of – a whole community of people who love beauty, fashion and equality. I started writing about equality and diversity after realising that the beauty industry had no one like me in it. A girl who was born with disfigurement and didn’t exactly fit the mould of a typical influencer at the time.

I have Cystic Hygroma, a rare facial condition that has caused me to be disfigured. I have had many corrective surgeries on my face, that had to be privately fundraised. From an early age, I was featured in the media due to the complex nature of my condition. It is a huge defining part of my life, and I’m very proud to be able to represent such a small number of people – who are all so incredible.

Throughout my career, I have achieved many things I’m incredibly proud of, however, being a Digital Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust is definitely a career highlight, and working with a charity that has changed so many young people’s lives for the better is exactly how I envisioned using my platform.

Summer 2019 I was featured on This Morning, which was easily one of the most defining moments of my career. To be able to share my story on a national level was something I never would have dreamed of when starting this blog. A few years ago I was just a young girl who loved makeup and worked long shifts at McDonald’s to be able to afford a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, and now, thanks to my incredible readers and community, I am able to fulfil my dream of being a full-time blogger.

I’m so excited to see where 2021 takes me and I have a long way to go to spread my message of inclusivity, diversity, equality and of course, love of beauty.