Marvel Easter Eggs Analysis in Spider-Man: No Way Home

MCU references and also Easter eggs

Has there been a much more anticipated trailer than this new one for SPIDERMAN NO WAY HOME SWEATER: No Way House over the last couple of years? We’re having significant difficulty thinking about one. The secrecy surrounding this movie has sent out speculation (and also some authentic leaks) to a fever pitch almost unprecedented in current times. And also both Sony as well as Marvel Studios have actually done their level best to lean in to the fan expectancy in every possible way, with teases, secrecy, even more teases, outright denial, and a marketing project that has left definitely nothing to opportunity.

Yet the brand-new (and also final) Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is ultimately here. And it is perhaps even bigger, wilder, and weirder than any individual anticipated. And to be honest, we were expecting fairly a lot right out of the gate, so that’s claiming something.

First off, just in case you’re below and you haven’t also enjoyed the Spider-Man: No other Way Home trailer yet, allow us to fix that for you. Check it out, and then we’ll take a close look at all the great Spidey, Marvel Comic Books, and also MCU references and also Easter eggs we might locate.

Now, catch your breath and also hold on to your masks, since we’re going web slinging …

Primarily, this trailer truly cleans up some things from the initial one. Particularly, the question of whether these villains were coming to our globe, or whether the failing of the spell had sent Peter spiraling via the multiverse. While there’s still a chance for the last to take place, it’s more about just how the spell has actually brought Spider-Man villains from various other worlds (read: the franchise business that Sony fully owns) to the “sacred timeline” of the MCU. Fans expecting confirmation of other real-time action Spider-Men will have to wait, because this trailer is all about the bad guys.

So as Spider-Man dialogue instructor and also editor when claimed, “Prompt the bad guys!”

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Medical professional Octopus

Once again, Alfred Molina’s creepily de-aged Otto Octavius is a huge draw in this trailer. And also we discover a little bit more regarding that freeway fight from the very first trailer: he plainly doesn’t understand he’s not in the Universe any longer, as well as rather assumes he’s combating Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker. Not that it matters, as Spidey clearly manages to supply unto him a Spider-whupping and also take him prisoner.

Otto Octavius

Ah of course, that many are tired of contemporary superhero motion picture tropes, where you state a name of a point from the comics (or show a comics-accurate costume) and also everyone pokes fun at just how outrageous it is. An even more charitable analysis, naturally, is that this is a callback to exactly how JK Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson was less than excited by Otto’s complete name in Spider-Man 2 and afterwards dubbed him “Physician Octopus” (after a brief Medical professional Strange detour, obviously).

Yet another note about ol’ Doc Ock before we enter into the other bad guys …

Stark Tech?

Why are Physician Octopus’ arms red? And also not just any kind of red, a very certain shade of Iron Male red. It seems feasible, also likely, that Otto upgrades his arms when he makes his means into the MCU possibly with some ill-gotten gains from Stark Enterprises.

What’s fascinating is that in 2014, Wonder Studios announced that a Shield Wars series would certainly be involving Disney+. In the comics, Armor Wars took care of Tony Stark recognizing that a person had actually been taking his tech and also utilizing it to equip the armored villains of the Wonder Cosmos. The television series would take care of James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) concerning the exact same verdict and trying to shut all of it down … could Doc Ock’s brand-new arms be our very first hint of that?

Eco-friendly Demon

We heard his sinister laugh and experienced a pumpkin bomb explosion in the initial SPIDERMAN SWEATER: No Way Home trailer, but this time, Willem Dafoe is totally back at work as the Environment-friendly Goblin from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man flicks. Regrettably he’s still putting on that ludicrous get-up … or is he?


Jamie Foxx? Great star. Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon. Negative choices. Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon because of the weird Electro appearance that he had in The Incredible SPIDER MAN 2? Incredibly regrettable.

And also look, in justness, it’s not such as comics Electro exactly has one of the all-time wonderful styles either, with that bonkers lightning bolt mask. But it resembles No Way Home has actually created a method to bring Foxx back as Electro and give him an outfit that is both sensible as well as responds to the comics, and also truthfully, it’s quite terrific.

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