Stingy Jack to The Devil

Stingy Jack is a ghost, condemned to wander the Planet till the end of time, that created and offered his name to the “jack-o-lantern”. He is the major villain of period 14. He is voiced by Ross Noble.
According to the tale, Stingy Jack was a miserly, intoxicated and thoroughly undesirable old man that resided in Ireland long ago. Jack is said to have met and also gotten the better of the Devil twice throughout his life time. On the first event he made the Devil assurance to leave him alone for 7 years. On the 2nd celebration Jack made the Adversary assurance never ever to take his soul.
When Jack ultimately died he was not permitted right into Heaven because of his wickedness. Desperate for someplace to stay, Jack dropped to the Underworld. However, the Adversary reminded Jack of his assurance never ever to take his soul, telling Jack to return where he originated from, properly ending up being a straying ghost.

Jack objected that it was night time in the world and he would certainly not have the ability to see where he was going. The Adversary tossed him a swelling of coal from the fires of Heck. Jack put it right into a turnip that he had actually been consuming, making the globe’s very first jack-o-lantern. Since that day, Jack’s spirit has actually been traveling the world, utilizing his jack-o-lantern to light his method, always looking for a place to remain yet never discovering one.

Jack resembles a human spirit with black, spikey hair, and also old Irish garments. What makes Jack various from various other people is that he is clear and grey skinned (like a corpse).
He brings a sword simply in case he faces problem, and he carries his trademark “jack-o-lantern” (a turnip) with the darkness.

In life, Stingy Jack was a drunkard notorious for being a deceiver and a manipulator. He was amusing adequate to outsmart and also trap the Devil twice before his fatality and once as a ghost. He then made a bet with The Devil to bring the souls of the Elderly Puss Team as settlement to make sure that he can lift the curse from Jack. Yet Puss and his gang are one step ahead of the ghost, triggering The Evil one’s Hellish minions to drag Jack to the Underworld in the episode, Day of the Dead.
Powers and Talents
Because he is dead, he has Ghost-like Capacities.

Thrifty Jack is among the most harmful villains in San Lorenzo, additionally the creepiest so far.
He is based upon the The Tale Of Stingy Jack of Irish mythology.
Jack’s fatality is just one of the most frightening scenes in the entire series.